Mel Severns: To Seek to Learn is to Seek to Serve

Mel Severns (’85)
Universtity Registrar

Mel Severns

It is difficult to believe I pen these words after working at MVNU for 33 years now. My years as a student from 1981-85 at MVNC were fun, exciting, and challenging. In the spring of my senior year, I remember when Mikel Cheek (’82) asked if I would be interested in working in the Admissions Office after graduation. Not certain of my future, I accepted the position and began working in June 1985. I married Deanna Pool (’85) in August 1985 and the story continues to this day.

I spent two years in the Admissions Office before moving to Oakwood Hall as the resident director for the next seven years. In 1994, I accepted a position in the Registrar’s Office as assistant registrar. Upon the retirement of Phil Petrie, I then became the registrar in 1998 and still serve in this capacity. Coming to work each day is rewarding and fulfilling.

Many changes have occurred through these years of employment. I enjoyed my days as a recruiter in the Admissions Office, and truthfully one is always a recruiter when employed at a university. I prepared academically with a master’s degree for a career in Student Life, but as doors were closed in the early 1990s, I began to look toward other career paths. Moving into the registrar work has seemingly been a perfect fit for me. I prefer this work in the academic realm of the university, and I can still have a positive impact upon students. The technology has changed but spending time with others has not changed and still makes this work fulfilling.

As one of the long-term employees now, my greatest memories are the people — employees and students — I have had the privilege of knowing and building relationships with through the years. I enjoy seeing alumni return to campus with their children. Some have started their own journey at MVNU as students, so that makes me feel a bit older. Even so, it is a joy to see them. Many coworkers have retired or will soon retire, so I have learned to cherish those relationships even more.

As I reflect on these years, I can see how God has led me along the way. He has blessed my wife and me with children and the blessings of this life. One day I expect to retire from this good place and join the host of others who have paved the path before me.

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