The Mount Vernon Grand Hotel: From Curtis Inn to The Grand

The Grand Hotel

Since its grand opening in spring 2016, The Mount Vernon Grand Hotel has been a jewel on Public Square in downtown Mount Vernon and a proud Victorian boutique hotel owned and operated by MVNU. From corporate gatherings to tours of the picturesque suites, The Grand continues to capture the attention of guests from all over.

In The Beginning

The longest operating hotel in Mount Vernon, the original Curtis House Hotel was built in 1876 by Henry B. Curtis, a lawyer, businessman, and architect. He also helped to start what is now known as First-Knox National Bank. The original 200-room hotel was one of the most significant structures in the downtown area.

“The Curtis Hotel was originally a Victorian building that was constructed in the late 1800s and then torn down and replaced with a different structure in the 1970s. Over the years, the building continued to fall into disrepair from continued lack of maintenance,” said Dr. Karen Buchwald Wright, CEO and President of Ariel Corporation, and President of The Ariel Foundation.

Donated to MVNU through the generosity of Wright and the Ariel Foundation, The Grand sits on the original footprint of the old, historic hotel, at the corner of Main Street and Public Square.

“Given the investment the Ariel Foundation and MVNU had already made in downtown and the prominent position the hotel held on the square, it seemed to be the necessary ingredient for our revitalized, repurposed downtown,” said Wright.

A Grand New Era

The beautiful, five-story, classical structure features meeting space, a breakfast area, a parlor room, and a balcony overlooking the square. The hotel also includes a banquet room, workout facility, and a grand staircase leading up to the main lobby. With seven suites and 39 additional rooms, it provides state-of-the-art accommodations for MVNU and city guests alike.

The project is a testament to the strong and enduring relationship between MVNU and the community.

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