The Eternal Flame


The Eternal Flame was constructed in 1970 as a gift from the Mount Vernon Nazarene College Pioneer Class. Standing on a 20-foot tower, the original structure displayed two plaques, one listing the members of the first graduating class and the second which reads, “The Eternal Flame, Pioneer Class of 1970 — First and Everlasting.” The flag poles on either side of the Eternal Flame were donated by the sophomore class as a memorial to David Nease, nine-year-old son of founding college president Dr. Stephen Nease.

Those who participated significantly in the project included:

  • Lowell Hodges
  • Joseph Hodges
  • Reverend McClung
  • Percy Morrison
  • Freshmen and sophomore students
  • The Galence Breck Company
  • George Jetter
  • Roger Nutter helped lay the brick for the flame, as well, and he graduated in the Pioneer Class.

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