A Divine Heritage

Emily Rogers, Editor


From the first days of MVNC’s Communicator to today’s commemorative edition of the MVNU NOW, we reminisce and remember together over the past 25 years of our journey.

In the pages of these special issues, we tell our story from founding days to the present through the voices and landmark moments of the university’s seven presidents, notable alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, and friends. Together we share the history, legacy, and vision that defined who we are and shaped our purpose and mission. This is just the first part of our journey leading up to the fall issue where we will explore the second 25 years.

From the dream stage in the minds of the Church of the Nazarene leaders of the 1960s who found the amount of money raised to buy the property to be initially short of the asking price, to the challenges posed by the current changing landscape in higher education, MVNC/U has found itself, at times, in places where only miracles could turn the tide in its favor. The possibility of success was often impossible or, in the very least, improbable.

However, guided by determined teamwork and graced with the certainty of being a community willed and planted by God, MVNU has stretched its influence across the decades and remained faithful to a God-given, life-changing vision that continues to impact the lives of those who walk its campus.

For nearly 50 years, MVNC/U has worked to fulfill the divine promise evident at its birth. Through the sacrifice and faithfulness of countless individuals, an institution that welcomed a Pioneer Class in 1968 now boasts more than 20,000 alumni scattered across the globe. We believe that God will continue to use this university to shape lives and change the world with the love of Christ.

I would like to especially thank those who donated their time and talent to making this collaborative magazine possible.

Editor’s Note: Some articles including reprints have been edited for brevity and clarity.

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