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Founded in 1968, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, in Mount Vernon, Ohio is a co-educational liberal arts university with an intentionally Christian foundation and mission. With the help of the Church of the Nazarene and the local community, God’s hand was evident from the early days as MVNC was created, designed, and shaped into existence. It is into this place that God placed a vision to transform an ordinary farm into an extraordinary community of believers. We’re still a part of this calling and this community — to “Shine Forth” in all we do.

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  • 1968-69

    The Pioneer Years

    This was the beginning. New buildings, new faces, new experiences met the Pioneer Class as they arrived at MVNC. Excitement mingled with anticipation, hours of work and prayer, the old and the new, the constant, the special, all combined to form the miracle of the beginning.

  • 1970-79

    Growing with Grace

    From the first four-year degrees to formal accreditation, MVNC grew with each passing year in academics, spiritual life, and community. Construction was a main focus for the development of the campus and new leadership made sacrificial progress that forged a way for those to come.

  • 1980-89

    Making Dreams Reality

    Coming into its own, MVNC grew in identity as it maintained steady growth in enrollment, noteworthy athletic achievements, and finalized plans to construct the R.R. Hodges Chapel/Auditorium and Fine Arts Center. This lifelong vision of its founders became a reality as the college celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

  • 1990-93

    The First 25 Years

    The last decade of the 20th century was just another starting point for MVNC. From the 25th Anniversary to the development of a robust and strategic building plan, the college kept moving forward through faith, support, and purpose.

  • 1994-2018

    The Second 25 Years

    After celebrating 25 years of Christian higher education, Mount Vernon Nazarene College just kept growing. From an increase to enrollment and an emphasis on new academic programs, residential and academic facilities were constructed to fulfill the needs of students, faculty and staff.

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